K C 7 D M F / R


Repeater Info:

These repeaters are open to all licensed Amateur radio operators. 

I expect everyone to follow Part 97 when operating via my repeater. 

I do not believe in having special rules like many repeater owners. 

Above all common courtesy (part of the FCC rules) is 

primarily what everyone should use, here and everywhere.

Repeater is located on the East side of Long Butte, between Bend and Redmond.

Repeater supports DMR, DSTAR, & Fusion modes. Analog/Allstar to be decommissioned soon.

At some point repeaters in the USA are likely to go narrowband, while I disagree with

Using narrowband in analog. Digital was made to use narrowband, therefore in switching

to all digital. The repeater will be narrowbanded, and analog removed. 

The second repeater is 147.28 + 0.6Mhz Color Code 1 (DMR) only.

I am also planning on adding VARA FM (Wide) node with WINLINK

The proposed frequency 144.94 MHz (pending survey results at the site)

APRS is active, but will be switched to rx (I-gate) only. To keep from interfering with VARA FM.

I also have an AREDN hub at the site, and 2 Sector antennas (To be tested)

The hub is working, and will likely be upgraded soon. 


Any Questions please email me. KC7DMF @ pm.me

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