Come join a better email experience, start with a free account and upgrade from there. https://protonmail.com/ my email (my callsign) at pm.me

Text Message
You can also find my on Signal (signal.org) – @ my cell number 458 – 256 – xxxx (email me if you don’t have the last 4 digits)

My old numbers 541-912-xxxx and 503-530-xxxx may be gone at some point as well. These are currently Google voice numbers.

Operating system
I am no longer on Facebook or Twitter, any profiles found there should be gone soon.

I am also moving away from Google, Microsoft as much as I can. I have already replaced my Macbook OS with Ubuntu 20.04.
I am moving my weather station and security cameras to Linux.

See my weather page https://www.culverweather.net

Try https://www.brave.com if you want a better browser —

Web Hosting/E-Mail/Domain Registration
I have moved from Google to https://www.epik.com for Domain Registration and some hosting, other hosting is still on Digital Ocean, which may
move to self hosting at some point.

Social Media
You can also find me on Gab.com – Markj73

Use a VPN:

Why all this change?
These companies, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc
have gone too far in their censorship of free speech. While these companies are private, and can do as they wish, so can I. I wish to have as little to do with them as possible.